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Cinematic Script

Scene 1.            Prelude A new day in the concrete jungle is about to begin. Morris Phist, aka the Devil, is lounging on the top of a skyscraper. He leans against a large clock. He gesticulates and the sunrise accelerates and … Continue reading

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Scene 1 – Time Passing Morris Phist, aka the Devil, adores the relentless passage of time. Just a tick and a tock, a tick and a tock, is all it takes, to be music to his ears. Time Passing provides … Continue reading

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Forty Words for Yes

The Kootenay Musical Theatre Society is excited to present Forty Words for Yes, a 40-part choral work by Nelson composer Doug Jamieson. Forty singers, recorded from around the world, including many talented local musicians, sang the words that mean ‘yes’ in their mother tongues. The 11-minute presentation … Continue reading

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The following are demos of tunes proposed for the CD – Live Concert project called Illumination Jorinda: Another Day, Another Wart – 2015 Jorinda: Be So Quiet – 2015 Jorinda: Fallen Angel – 2015 Jorinda: The Last Straw – 2015 … Continue reading

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There are Dinosaurs in the Park

There are Dinosaurs in the Park? The Name has Changed! Please click on the link below to go to the new home page of the musical theatre work, recently called There are Dinosaurs in the Park! to the revised (and … Continue reading

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At Times Like This

At Times Like This was created during the COVID-19 pandemic. I recorded this original choral work with a virtual choir in the spring. It is dedicated to the front line workers in the pandemic. Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia’s prestigious Heath Officer, … Continue reading

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Donuts of Mass Destruction!

Donuts of Mass Destruction! Doug Jamieson’s new musical theatre show Donuts of Mass Destruction! premiered in Cottonwood Falls Park, Nelson BC Canada, in June 2022. Generous grants from the BC Arts Council and the RDCK CIP, and the Columbia Kootenay Cultural … Continue reading

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Bach and Beyond Radio Shows

The following are episodes of my show Bach and Beyond on CJCL Kootenay Co-op Radio Dave Carroll — December 5, 2023 Music to Die For, Part 4 — September 26, 2023 Mahler 4 by François-Xavier Roth and Les Siècles – Aug … Continue reading

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Donuts of Mass Destruction – Scenes 5 & 6

Scene 5 A Rocky Patch – continued (Bert’s place) Bert is standing beside his lever. Occasionally he looks upwards and shakes his head. He covers his eyes. He knows he’s going to be in for it. Betty can hardly keep … Continue reading

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Donuts of Mass Destruction – Scenes 3 & 4

Scene 3 Gravel Pit Four pachycephalosaurs (bulb-headed creatures) obviously dumb, are busting up rock into gravel with their heads. A sign big sign says: “Bust ‘Em Up Gravel Corp. – Powered by Dino-mite!” T-T-T-Tough to be a Dinosaur Four pachycephalosaurs … Continue reading

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Fastlane to Paradise Stage Presentation

Presented by Fastlane to Paradise, Doug Jamieson’s musical theatre work, premiered on October 31, 2019, at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson, BC Canada. Thanks to BC Arts Council, Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance, and the hard work of the Directors of … Continue reading

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A Chopped Up Tale

In 1987, I wrote a suite for a puppet theatre company in Toronto called the Crankee Consort. It was created and directed by Larry Lewis and Jane Low-Beer. My suite used numerous fiddle tunes and Canadian folk songs as a … Continue reading

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Guitar Concerto

This work dates back to the early 1980’s. It was commissioned by Eli Kassner and Lee Hepner through the Ontario Arts Council. After two performances using the piano reduction, the Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra was premiered in the intended orchestral version, … Continue reading

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Chromatic Fantasia on the Name of Bach

Pursuit is a good word to describe what composers often do. It often starts with an innocent question: “Hey! I wonder if I could do that?”  and then, before you know it, countless hours have been gobbled up in the … Continue reading

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Here are three videos of the 2015 production of Jorinda in Nelson, BC. First of all, meet the cast and characters from the show. Here is Act One: Here is the Second and Concluding Act:

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Love is an Art of Time

Love is an Art of Time was written in 1985. It was commissioned by and dedicated to James McLean and Gianetta Baril of the now disbanded tenor-harp duo Lyracord. It was composed with the much-appreciated financial assistance of the Ontario … Continue reading

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Fair Mona

An elaborate construction – first conceived in 1992 – combining classical, straight ahead pop, and science-based spoken word. This piece had its genesis while reading a nature magazine about the sex life of bugs, snakes and other creatures. The tiny … Continue reading

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  (7:09) To Stream: Mitotem Mitotem was my first endeavour in writing for an ensemble. I was working on a film for a professor at University of Waterloo. He did not have a script, just an idea that the film … Continue reading

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