Here are three videos of the 2015 production of Jorinda in Nelson, BC. First of all, meet the cast and characters from the show.

Here is Act One:

Here is the Second and Concluding Act:

The 2012 Demo Recordings of Jorinda

The first recording of Jorinda took place mostly in the Eden Mills in 2012. Some talented singers conveyed the story excellently. In addition, three human virtuoso instrumentalists added realism to the computer-played tracks. Here are the credits:

Laura Pudwell, mezzosoprano, as The Witch
Kesia Whonder , soprano, as Jorinda
Thomas Sharpe, tenor, as Jaren
Linda Hendry, alto, as Grungella
Guelph Youth Singers (directed by Linda Beaupré and Dominic Gregorio) as the Flock of Birds
Giulia Mandolesi as Blott

Supplementing the midi orchestra:
Sarah Boyer, violin (scenes 3, 5, 7a & b, 9 and 11)
Maria Pelletier, flute (scenes 5, 11 & 13e )
Jerry Robinson, bassoon (scenes 5, 11 & 13e)

The Last Straw, a demo from the 2012 Recording of Jorinda

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